Dar una buena acogida!
From Wednesday 02 December we’re returning to full table service Tuesday to Saturdays!
Essperamos verte muy pronto!
Stay Safe!


25 Magdalen Rd, Exeter EX2 4TA

A Spanish style Andalusian Tapas Bar filled with the flavours and colours of Savilla, Cadiz and Spain’s southern coast.

Our continually changing daily tapas menu includes chorizo in cider, grilled peppers and potatoes bravas, many of which are served with a bread accompaniment.

We offer a selection of cured meats and cheeses sourced directly from Spain and our fresh fish and meats and vegetables are all locally sourced.

We have an extensive range of Spanish wines and sherries, spirits and the superb draught Estrella Galicea on tap from North West Spain, complimented by a range of bottled Spanish beers and ciders and our cocktail menu.

We have a splendid choice of coffee and teas and a wide selection of soft drinks.

Starting from £50, your selection can include sliced meats, olives, chorizo, packaged jamón, sherry vinegar, cheeses, a bottle of olive oil and a bottle of rioja.

Verdaderamente delicioso!

The boring bit – all items subject to availability (just in case we run out of anything).

You can order by ringing 07758 215371 or by popping in and saying HOLA!



Tuesday – from 4.30pm
Wednesday – from 4.30pm
Thursday – from 4.30pm
Friday – from 4.30pm
Saturday – from 4.30pm
Sunday – Closed
Monday – Closed


If you would like more information or to book a table we would love to hear from you. Feel free to call us on 07758 215371 or 01392 660030 or email info@calvoloco.co.uk.